Insolvencies Filed by Individual Businesses





69,000 Mortgages on Deferral Plans


– British Columbia Bankruptcy & Insolvency Statistics Nov 2019- Nov 2020 –

Get Out of Debt

Families in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley, are struggling with job loss, mortgage renewals, credit card limits, payday loans,  ballooning lines of credit, CRA tax debt.   Don’t be overwhelmed, we have your solution.

Business & Corporate Restructuring

Sole proprietors, limited companies and corporations, we have the experience to get your business back on track.

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We have easy to access offices located in across the Fraser Valley in Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Hope British Columbia.

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Active community member of the Fraser Valley and Chilliwack, Sheila and her team are here to help.



We now provide all our clients and staff virtual offices and virtual meetings.

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee,  during these difficult times we provide real solutions to our residents in a virtual setting.   Sheila and her team commit to providing everyone the best of services during this incredibly difficult time.  We will guide you to the very best debt reduction solution and will take the time to teach you the wisdom and skills to manage your finances and live a debt free life.

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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Will it be easy ? No. Will it be worth it ? Absolutely !


What Our Clients Say

Sandra & Family
BEST thing we did for our family, our marriage, and our financial health
Thank you so much Sheila, for everything you’ve done for our family, and our peace of mind – we won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone facing Bankruptcy, or requiring a Consumer Proposal; you gave us back our life, and we are so grateful. Bankruptcy, a connotation that maintains a pervasive, frightening perception. Our BUSINESS FAILED and our personal finances went down with the ship; we knew something drastic needed to be done, but were afraid of the unknown. Out of sheer desperation we contacted Sheila’s office and made an appointment; the call turned out to be the BEST thing we did for our family, our marriage, and our financial health. During our first meeting, Sheila put our worst fears to rest, and she did it in a calm, non-judgmental way. We realized we were in the hands of a competent, compassionate, professional who really does have your interests at heart. Sheila walked/hand-held/spoon-fed us through the process – we knew what to expect, and when to expect it. Our only regret is; we did not contact her sooner!
Understanding Situation
I was very nervous the first time I met Sheila. But after I started working with her in my bankruptcy it became a lot easier and I wasn't so nervous from then on. She explained everything to me in detail in every step of my bankruptcy as we went thru it. Now that my bankruptcy is over and done ... I'm very happy and in control of my finances. I would tell anyone who needs help with their finances to go see Sheila.
Rated Bankruptcy Services 5 out of 5
Bankruptcy is a scary and overwhelming experience, not to mention the perceived stigma and feeling of failure one goes through during the process. Having someone explain that it's not the end of the world, but rather an unfortunate experience which has an end, is very comforting and reassuring. I feel that I received personalized service from someone who actually cared about my situation, and was concerned that the future should be well planned. I would encourage anyone who is going through financial hardship to see Sheila.  For a friendly and non intimidating consultation. And by the way, sooner is better than later.... The sooner you start, the better you will feel.
Working to Pay Credit Cards
Thanks to Sheila I have my life back!!!! I am no longer working to pay credit cards that were maxed due to a failed relationship. I had no hope of ever getting out of debt. As soon as I filed...the calls stopped. I have now been discharged from bankruptcy and am enjoying the stress free financial lifestyle. Sheila also taught me how to manage my income and live within my needs. Thank you sooo much Sheila...you made the whole process so easy for me 🙂
After Bankruptcy, I had Control of my Finances
I was very nervous the first time I met Sheila. But after I started working with her in my bankruptcy it became a lot easier and I wasn't so nervous from then on. She explained everything to me in detail in every step of my bankruptcy as we went thru it. Now that my bankruptcy is over and done ... I'm very happy and in control of my finances. I would tell anyone who needs help with their finances to go see Sheila.
Nervous, Don' t Worry
I would like to say dealing with my bankruptcy was a lot easier than I thought it would be by using Sheila. To say I was nervous was a understatement but after my first meeting with Sheila I felt at ease and the whole process was easy and went by a lot quicker than I ever thought. Thanks Sheila and I will recommend you to any person who is looking for your services
Recommend Sheila Smelt & Associates
Although this was probably the hardest thing that I have had to do in my lifetime so far, I was very stressed and feeling embarrassed, I found that I was treated with dignity and compassion by Sheila Smelt & Associates. While going through this rough time, I was given a fresh start and the tools I needed to improve my financial situation in the future. I would encourage anyone in the similar financial hardship and mounting debt situation to set up an appointment with Sheila Smelt & Associates as soon as possible and get back on track!!
Judi W.
A great hand up !
Once I spoke to Sheila at once I knew I had come to the right place. Sheila was firmly helpful, explaining what I was to do, the up coming meetings, the counseling meetings, but at the same time she was very understanding of my situation. No judgments from this lady. Sheila understood my situation, she assisted with the forms, and if I was late in handing in a form, she called or sent me an email reminder. During the meetings she listened to my concerns no only financial, but with my life in general and how it was going. For myself she was just the person I needed to speak with, I have downloaded her information forms to assist myself, even now and its been almost 2 years. The forms are free on line to assist people with planning their budgets or someone self employed. I have recommended people to go see Sheila, and will continue to so. Thanks for a great hand up.
Stress Relief from Bankruptcy

Kevin Gives Sheila 5 Star Rating

If the stress of the debt is hanging over you... I can't say enough about the stress relief that bankruptcy brought to me.

I suffered for years carrying the debt, at times trying to pay it off, at times completely distraught with the impossibility of it all. With bankruptcy it was over in "9 MONTHS"!!!! Challenges come to all of us, sometimes through lesser decisions, sometimes through fate. Regardless bankruptcy will bring you a second chance. Sheila treated me with respect and approached it like she was simply helping me to fix the situation (and not repeat it as well). I was never made to feel like an idiot or a bad person. Simple respect and guidance is what I received. Even post bankruptcy, when an issue arose she was there, without any extra fees, to simply assist and overcome. I am a year and a half post bankruptcy and I have a great deal of abundance in my life. It just would not have been possible under that debt load I was carrying. I would highly recommend Sheila, and the bankruptcy route, for your own health, peace of mind and prosperity.

Sheila is a lifesaver!

My experience with her was an amazing and very educational one. Sheila puts you at ease and is very understanding and non-judgemental. If you're having troubles and need information on getting back on track, I highly recommend Sheila Smelt and Associates!  

I confidently rate Sheila Smelt 5 out of 5 for;

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Likely to Recommend to my friends, family and others
  • Consider my life less stressful and more on track
Kim 2017
Jovi – 5 Star Review of Sheila Smelt

Debt Freedom

I give Sheila a 5 Star review for her services.  I was getting swarmed with phone calls from debt collectors for months without really knowing what to do. I found Sheila by looking around on google for help with my debt. Sheila Smelt has been amazing with helping me through this process, helping me understand my debt, giving me options and just generally being really calm and collected through the whole ordeal; something that I really needed at the time. She set me up with a plan and some guidelines to follow to help me improve my finances. Two years later and I'm ready to get back on track with my life. Thanks again Sheila
Debt stress is gone
Debt Stress Is Gone
     I was absolutely stressed before I spoke to Sheila. I had no idea where to turn or what to do. I met with her and we discussed my situation. I felt greatly relieved. Now that I am not carrying the burden of my past mistakes I have a much brighter outlook on life and I'm so happy and relieved and looking forward to my future. I would highly recommend talking to Sheila. I can not imagine how I would have survived if it was not for Sheila.


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