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2018 Debt Freedom

Debt Freedom in 2018, is that your goal?
Rehabilitation of a persons financial situation can be a common New Year’s Resolution.

With 33% of British Columbia’s residents overspending this past Christmas Season.  The credit card bills, gifts, trips and entertaining costs along with the hefty financing charges continue to pile up.  When we add those new charges to the already stockpiled lines of credit, home owners loans, CRA past due accounts, well then outlook could be bleak for 2018.

The average Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Fraser Valley resident is floating with $24,445.00 of debt not including their mortgage.  This debt is ticking in an upward trend each year.  So far at least, most have managed to keep the their heads above the waterline.  Struggling each month to manage their budgets and hoping to chip away at more than interest fees on their credit cards.   With impending interest rate hikes in 2018, keeping afloat will more difficult than in previous years.

All this debt however can become an unbearable burden and unfortunately most people willingly suffer in silence.

Few issues in life create as much angst and have such critical repercussions as debt.  Debt will impact every aspect of a persons life; personal and professional relationships, jobs, self-esteem, physical and mental well being have all been shown to be negatively impacted by the financial burden associated to debt.

Time for a Change in how you manage your money?

When you change the process, you will change the result!  Are you ready to make 2018 the year you get in front of your debt, balance your financial books, have money for your savings account,  set up your emergency fund and take charge of your life?  

If  your answer is yes and if you start now, you will be well on your way to debt freedom within 60 days.

Let us at Sheila Smelt & Associates in Abbotsford BC help you.  We will show you how to achieve your 2018 goal of debt freedom.


Count Down to Your Debt Freedom


Debt Freedom in Abbotsford, Chilliwack & Fraser Valley

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