Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals Chilliwack

Debt reduction through bankruptcy is a serious solution to a serious problem.  Bankruptcy in Chilliwack can be offered by any Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Before you become a 6 digit file number to any of the big national firms, take the time to talk to Sheila Smelt and Associates.  She and her team offer dignified service, compassion and a unique level of understanding that is not found in the bigger firms.  Sheila left the big firms to bring a personal touch to bankruptcy in Chilliwack.  She continues to help families  and companies in Chilliwack find a path to debt reduction.

Your best solution may not be bankruptcy, only 1 in every 4 people actually file bankruptcy,  often debt reduction through a consumer proposal is the most effective way to deal with your debt.

Our extensive experience and absolutely free assessment will establish your financial path, whatever your financial circumstance. Bankruptcy Chilliwack will review your personal situation and present all options. Our goal is to develop a course of action that fits your budget.

Be confident knowing that Sheila and her team will treat you with respect and dignity, empowering you to a better tomorrow.

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