Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island

Empowering individuals with debt reduction and financial tools that will allow you to take control of your finances and be in control of your life.   Debt reduction through bankruptcy is a serious solution to a serious problem, often bankruptcy can be avoided and unsustainable debt can be managed through a consumer proposal.  You worked hard for the assets in your life and in most cases a consumer proposal will effectively allow you to maintain your home, savings and vehicles, while reducing your credit card and unsecured debt by up to 80%.

Our team of local licensed professionals bring over 50 years of experience.  Providing personal financial care to the good people of  Victoria, Langford and Southern Vancouver Island citizens.  Our team of Licensed Insolvency Trustee. are regulated by the federal government, but what sets us apart is we understand your struggles and genuinely care about your situation.  You will never be just another file on our desk.

We are life long residents of BC, Licensed Insolvency Trustees that have the power and ability to positively impact you and your financial future through the highest level of personal care.

Before you become a 6 digit file number to any of the big national firms, take the time to talk to Sheila or Lisa. They guarantee dignified service, empathy, compassion and a unique level of understanding to everyday struggles of Vancouver Island residents.

Our extensive experience is available to you through a no-charge initial consultation.  Initial consultations can be completed from the comfort of your home or if you prefer, we have an office at Uptown in Victoria and are very happy to meet in person to discuss how bankruptcy, consumer proposals could be a solution that suits your situation.

Our goal is to develop an impactful course of action that fits your budget and will set you up for financial success.

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Our team is available to meet anytime to suit your schedule.  Reach out to set up an appointment.

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