Your business faces new or ongoing pressures, every day and those challenges come in many forms:


  • Financial market challenges
  • Stakeholder expectations
  • Liquidity
  • Financing constraints
  • Cashflow
Today’s economic environment is complex, fast-moving and the strategies you choose to respond to these challenges are critical to your business.  Our team, has the vital knowledge and is seasoned in providing the financial advice to guide you and get your business a solution to suit your needs.

Business Recovery Services & Restructuring

Under performing? We will offer you independent and objective advise to address both the challenges and the opportunities.  Creating an effective and comprehensive restructuring plan that will achieve your strategic goals — We support you in managing work-out or turn-around solutions.

Corporate Rescue & Business Turn Around

Saving your business is possible, Corporate Rescue is the first possibility we review. Ready to provide legal protection to the distressed company and it’s stakeholders.  For years insolvent liquidation was the chosen method of protecting companies that were unable to meet their financial obligations and liabilities.  In todays world, the national trend is moving towards a rescue scenario, through a Division 1 Proposal.  Through business rescue  we offer a survival solution.

Corporate Debt Assessment

We offer deep experience and professional services to assist with analysis of current debt structure. Whether a structured debt solutions over the long term or for the short term, our advise will be objective and based solely on your businesses best interest. Each solution is a different as the company, let us review your situation and optimize company.

Business Closure & Exit Strategies

Offering hands-on experience in winding up and closing businesses. Helping you assess, develop and implement an exit strategy. Solvent liquidations require tax planning, we provide the framework and advise necessary to reduce costs and streamline closure.

Formal Insolvency

For the company unable to continue due to creditor pressure, funding withdrawal, cash flow constraints or many other factors; a forma insolvency allows for an orderly wind-up of the business or may even offer a means of restructuring the business operations and allowing the business to continue. Through formal insolvency, the company will be immediately protected from creditors. We offer complete bankruptcy protection services and insolvency services through the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act, the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act, Court appointed or privately appointed Receiver or Interim Receiver under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.

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