Did you know that Bankruptcy Trustees will actually help you avoid bankruptcy? It’s True!  As a bankruptcy trustee in Chilliwack, the end goal is not to push everyone into bankruptcy.

Getting you to the debt freedom finish line

We find that every situation is completely different, the options can change depending on the level of debt, the type of creditor and the household finances.  One thing is a constant, avoiding the debt issues only makes things worse.  There is an arsenal of tools you can use for avoiding bankruptcy. For example, you may be able to avoid bankruptcy if you sell some assets, cut back on your budget, get a second job, make a deal with your creditors, consolidate your debt or file a consumer proposals to reduce your debt to all your creditors. Regardless of what debt reduction solution selected, getting professional expert advice is the key to finding a solution.   In Chilliwack, Sheila Smelt and Associates will provide you with a free debt evaluation.  Sheila will sit down directly with you, confidentially review your finances and build a plan that works for you and your family.

Sheila’s End Goal is to find the best debt reduction solution for you

Quite often, we can avoid bankruptcy, yes that is correct, avoid bankruptcy.  Especially if Sheila can address the debt issues early enough. Quite often there are other solutions available that will in fact prevent bankruptcy and at the same time correct the financial situation.

Arrange a private consultation, free of charge.

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