Money and Mental Health

Speaking your truth on any subject, whether it be feelings, finances, relationships or experiences takes courage and bravery.  Often it seems easier to hide, ignore your feelings or deny the situation.

Understand avoidance is not a flaw, it is human nature to avoid conflict, stress and tension.  Certainly, it is also natural in situations of acute stress that a humans will instinctively trigger a fight-or-flight response to financial stress.  All-in-all causing our nervous systems to be flooded with stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol resulting in physiological reactions such as racing heart, quick breathing, tension muscles and anxiety.

As it is well documented, the highest levels of tension and stress in today’s society are related to financial wellness and money.  These are topics that matter most to people of British Columbia and Canada.

Particularly, in the case of household finances, financial stress repeatedly occurs straightaway due to credit card debt, inflated housing costs, unsustainable transportation expenses, rising cost of living, child care expenses, past-due income taxes, climbing property taxes and surging food prices.

Living in darkness, feeling alone, and sensing defeat.

The fight-or-flight response plays a critical role in how we deal with financial stress.  When under threat our bodies and minds are primed to for action.  Urging us to deal with the situation or bolt from the situation, either way we are getting away from the danger.   Unfortunately we can not hide for long or run away from the threat of debt collections agencies, CRA auditors, collapsing relationships or job loss.

The struggle is real, as many British Columbians are experiencing financial uncertainty and they get caught-up in endless cycles of fight-or-flight. Regrettably, repeatedly experiencing the alarm and resistance stages of fight-or-flight will eventually advance into the exhaustion stage. This can cause severe breakdown of health and wellbeing.

It does not have to be this way, support is here.

You are not alone, every day in our business, we speak to women and men that have been suffering with financial stress for months or years.  Afterwards, the most common reaction from our clients following the first consultation, overwhelming relief  followed by an acknowledgement of  ‘I only wish I had talked to you sooner’.

We Commit

To help you fight for your financial wellbeing.

Be partners that you can lean on throughout the insolvency process.

Being strong advocates on your behalf.

Providing tools that will empower your future.

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