Spring cleaning can be a good exercise for you, your closet and your finances.

As the weather starts to improve and that fresh spring breeze starts to blow I just want to throw open the windows and the closet doors and clean house.
Results:  collection of clothes, home decor, odds and ends  that are still very functional but no longer have any use at our address.  All this stuff just sitting in the closet or on shelves taking up space.

Years ago, I used to take my kids’ clothes to the consignment store when they were young enough to outgrow their clothes before they wore them out and I thought: “if it’s okay for kids clothes why not for mine?”  I would also box a bunch of nice clothes that had been bought for me but I had seldom or never worn.  And I’ll admit that in some cases I’m the one at fault. (What was I thinking when I bought that outfit?).  AND what about all that stuff in the garage, how is it possible that we have collected so many things.

Lots of options come into play when spring cleaning up and spring cleaning out.  No shortage of charities around Chilliwack that will accept donations.  Worthy causes include:  Good Will, Diabetic Society, Big BrothersSalvation Army each of these come to mind for most household “tenderly loved” articles.  Another worthy cause that will accept those larger, hard to get rid of items is Habitat for Humanity Restore. 
Make money – Sell your stuff
If donating is not your preferred choice and you want to put a few dollars in your pocket, there are simple and affect alternatives to boost your finances thanks to the internet.
Selling from home on Used-Chilliwack, Kijiji are two of the most popular sites.
The alternative, albeit somewhat more work, is through a garage/yard sale. Have your own yard sale or join a Chilliwack community garage sale.
Great solutions to add some cash into your jeans and de-cluttered your life.


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