2023 Your Year for Financial Wellbeing


You are likely wonder what exactly represents financial wellness?

  1. Maintaining a structured savings plan
  2. Establishing an emergency fund
  3. Building a sustainable retirement plan
  4. Achievable budgets with low credit cared balances
  5. Insurance to protect your loved ones
  6. Education funds to support your children

Achieving financial wellness is more than a series of bullets points, it is a life long journey.  If you are reading this, likely debt has become a concerning factor for you. Debt is a complex and stressful problem, reducing debt is one of the first steps to achieving financial wellness. Everywhere across the British Columbia, the drivers of financial stress are obvious;  rising costs of housing in Vancouver, lingering effects of climate emergencies throughout the Fraser Valley,  skyrocketing interest rates, and inflated food prices continue to surprise each of us at the check out counter.

Sheila Smelt & Associates are available to support your journey to financial wellbeing. As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Sheila has helped folks regain their self-confidence, building financial resilience with individually tailored solutions; including consumer proposals, bankruptcy, counselling, budgeting and restructuring.  Developing and delivering financial strategies to align with your capacity to pay and creating budgets that will have positive impact on your finances in the future.

Sheila and her team, believe in financial wellness and security, especially for the most vulnerable in our society; such as parents that depend on payday loans to make ends meet, high interest credit cards that are consistently maxed out, mom’s and dad’s having to pick between food or heat,  reduced family income and job loss, all significant factors that negatively impact a persons ability to thrive and be productive.   Statistics continue to show us that women have significantly lower wellbeing scores, and are more likely to be feeling distressed about their financial security.

We believe everyone can achieve security through financial wellness.


In 2014 Sheila left the big institutional firm and opened her first office in Chilliwack, she was committed to her community and sure that she could help the people in Chilliwack, Hope and Abbotsford.

Sheila is strongly convinced she can help more people, in more locations. achieve the goal of  financial wellness.  And to that end, she has committed to you by expanding her team of professionals and growing the locations from which they can serve you.  The expanded team of professionals  are ready and able to provide dependable solutions in easy to access service locations across Vancouver, Surrey, the lower mainland, Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and the Yukon.

With the pandemic in the rear view mirror and inflation out of control, not surprisingly 2022 has resulted in a quick return to unsustainable debt to income ratios, for every $1.00 of disposable income, there is $1.83 attached to the credit market.  This validates that people are struggling.  Few issues in life create as much angst and have such critical repercussions as debt, it really is a 4 letter word.

There is a genuine need for impactful debt reduction solutions.  One of the most commonly used and effect options remains to be a consumer proposal to your creditors. To find out more,  speak to  Sheila or Lisa, they are ready to help you with real debt action and tools that will make financial wellbeing your reality.[/column_1]

“One Day or Day One. You Decide”

— Paulo Coelho


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