Economic Forecast – The Canadian economy is expected to improve in 2015.

Are you able to capitalize on an improving economy?

To start with let’s look at your present situation – Over the past few years you’ve kept your head down, trying to pay the bills and keep food on the table.  Perhaps you been able to pay down your debt and debt freedom is within your grasp OR perhaps you are looking at your finances with the grim outlook for 2015.  Higher balances on loans and credit cards, even though you had been making the payments, compounding interest has not let you put a dent in the outstanding balances.

Looking ahead – how do you get the most benefit out of this promised economic improvement?
Now might be a good time to consolidate that debt load into a consumer proposal.  This could have several potential benefits:

  1. You pay the debt, without interest being continually added.
  2. The payment is fixed for the term of the proposal regardless of whether your income increases in the future.
  3. Financial counselling is provided that can help you develop a budget to manage your money and start saving for those important purchases you’ve been putting off out of necessity

A year end financial review is the best way determine your personal economic forecast and to move smoothly into 2015.
Talk to our team today, we can sit down and review your situation and tailor a solution for 2015.


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