Confidential Debt Reduction Application

Give us 30 minutes and we will give you a path to debt freedom.  This simple to follow application form will provide our team a concise picture of your financial situation.  Don’t worry if you can not answer all the questions immediately, we will work with you to get this completed.

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Self Employment

Sole proprietors and entrepreneurs income statement

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Monthly Statement

Easy to use income and expense form.  Just fill, save and send.

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Pre-authorized Debit Authorization (PAD)

Fill, print and submit for easy payment solutions.  Debit your payments directly from your bank account.

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Debt & Credit Partners

Gail Vaz-Oxlade Debt Free Forever – Unravels debt and the mystery of money

Money Skills for Teens – Teaching teens about credit and credit cards

Understanding your Credit Score – The how and why on understanding and improving your credit score

Equifax Canada – Know your credit score and protect yourself from identity theft

TransUnion – Canada’s credit score reporting agency, 3 steps to knowing your credit score and tracking your credit

Dealing with Debt: A Consumers Guide- Industry Canada guide for consumers struggling with debt

Payday Loans – Government of Canada’s Alert “An expensive way to borrow”

Money Management

Mint Canada – Canada’s TOP PICK Money management software. Free & Simple with mobile apps, Helps you track and understand where your money is going.

Budget Calculator – Financial consumer agency with the Government of Canada offers a quick online budget tool

Begin Early – Teaching Children money skills

My Money My Choices – Looking to take control of your Money & your Life? Free program by Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Need More Help?

Send us a Quick Question

Consumer Protection – Know Your Rights

Debt Collection – Help for Consumers Consumer Protection BC, Know your rights and the regulations

Fraud Protection – It Pays To Know, Government of Canada’s fraud prevention agency

Consumer Information – Reliable source for clear, concise & trustworthy information on consumer issues.

Bankruptcy Links & Insolvency Forms

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act The BIA, provides the legislation and regulation related to bankruptcy law and consumer proposals.

Bankruptcy Assistance Program: Information for consumers experiencing extreme hardship and unable to pay for bankruptcy services

Bankruptcy & Insolvency statistics in BC: You are not alone, the current rates of consumers and businesses filing insolvency

Starting Over

Life After Divorce  – Getting your Financial Life in Order after family breakdown.

Rebuilding after Foreclosure – Learn how to rebuild your life and home one step at a time.

Credit after Bankruptcy When you are ready to rebuild your credit, talk to the professionals at Refresh Financial. Refresh, a BC company, offers proven credit rebuilding systems with fair interest rates, prepaid credit cards and credit rebuilding tools.

Chilliwack Regional Resources

Work BC – Easy to use database for employment and job listings in BC, Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley

Chilliwack Resource Center – Helping families and individuals gain access to free information and services to improve their lives

Chilliwack Community Services – Creating positive opportunities to change peoples lives

United Way Fraser Valley – Community partners building a safety net for families and citizens of Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley

MFRC Mainland BC – Military Family Resource Center, Chilliwack, programs and services to support our CF members and families

Seniors Resource Society – Chilliwack & District Seniors support, programs and services.

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