Credit Scores indicate Risk Levels to Lenders

There are 2 separate credit score reporting agencies in Canada.

Equifax and Transunion are private companies and are the sources for which lenders determine the worthiness of your credit.
Equifax  & Transunion Credit Scores are measured with an numberical range of 280 to 850, where the higher score indicates a reduce risk to lenders.
There is also credit score called FICO Score, this scoring is specifically designed for US lenders and not particularly relevant in Canada.

Credit Score Borrower Rating – Lender Risk Level Borrowing Outcome
300-400 Bad Credit – Very High Suitable for only High risk lenders, lenders will demand unsustainably high rates of interest
400-580 Poor Likely denied credit from normal financial institutions, suitable candidate for high interest alternative lending sources
581-650 Below Average Approval more likely from normal financial institutions, contingent on security associated to loan and stability of income of borrower.
651-710 Average Approval likely with normal and premium lenders with moderate to average interest rates.
711-750 Above Average Approved by all lenders at competitive interest rates
751 – 850 Excellent – Very Low Desireable and sought after client for all lenders, will come with aggressive offers to attract premium clients.

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